Blaze Koneski

Blaze Koneski (Nebregovo, by Prilep, 1921 - 1993) is one of the most distinguished macedonian poets, whose poetry attracts with its high qualities. His literary work has presented him as an greatly creative person.

He got his education in Prilep, Kraguevac, Belgrade, and Sofia. After he finished his education he worked as a lector in the Macedonian National Theater, and in 1946 he became a professor at the philosphy faculty in Skopje. He was a member of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences (MANU), and was elected to be its president in 1967.

Koneski wrote poetry and prose. His most famous collections of poetry are Mostot, Pesni, Zemjata i ljubovta, Vezilka, Zapisi, Cesmite, Stari i novi pesni, Seizmograf, and others. Also his collection of short stories Lozje is also famous.

However, Koneski is more important for his work on building of the macedonian literary language. He is the author of the very important works Za makedonskiot literaturen jazik, Gramatika na makedonskiot literaturen jazik, Istorija na makedonskiot jazik, and others.

Blaze Koneski has won a number of literary prizes among which are the AVNOJ prize, Njegosh prize, the prize "Zlaten Venec" from the Struga nights of poetry, and others.

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