Gligor Popovski

Gligor Popovski is one of the most famous modern children literature writers. He was born in the village of Budinarci in 1928. After finishing his primary education in his village, he finished teaching school in Skopje. With his poems and short stories he is always a part of the children's magazines. He writes on themes from NOB (the fight for national freedom in the WW2), as well as themes from the everyday life of the children and the adults.

Some of Popovski's most famous books are: So trotinet po cel svet, Parada na cvekinjata, Skazni za najjunakot (poetry), as well as Drvarce, Skazni za deteto Vilen, Dalecen svet, Skazna za vozovija, Mornarot Net, Biljana, Bojan, and others (prose). He is a winner of a number of literary prizes.

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