Grigor Prlicev

Grigor Prlicev is probably the biggest macedonian author from the XIX-th century. He was born in Ohrid in 1830. His father died early and Grigor was taken care for by his mother and his grandfather. He studied in the Greek school in Ohrid and then went to a medical school in Athens. In Athens, in 1860, he took part of the contest for the best poem in Greek language, and he won the best prize "the lovorov venec" for his poem Serdarot. The poem talks about the macedonian national hero Kuzman and his fights against the Gegis.

When Prlicev heard about the death of the brothers Miladinov he came back to Ohrid and became a teacher. In Ohrid he was fighting against the Greek propaganda in the churches and the schools, because of which he was arrested and put in the prison in Debar. After he got out of prison he was a proffesor in the gymnasiums of Ohrid, Bitola, and Solun.

Apart from the poem Serdarot, Prlicev has also written his own autobiography, where he talks about his hard life and the suffering of the macedonian people under the Ottoman ocupator. His poem Skenderbeg was left unpublished when he died in Ohrid in 1893.

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