Bugs in the Intel Microprocessors
Dusko Koncaliev
Principles of Computer Organization
Research Project

Since its introduction of the first microprocessor in 1971, Intel has grown to be the world's leader in microprocessor production. About 75% of the computers in the world today are using Intel-architecture microprocessors. Therefore, Intel is carrying a big load of computer users on its back and is expected to bring satisfaction to all of them. However, despite the hard work, there has been a number of bugs detected in the Intel microprocessors and I am going to look at some of these bugs.

It is important to note the difference between bugs and incompatibilities. Robert L. Hummel defines a bug to be "an intentional and generally undocumented change in processor operation that affects either a large installed base of software or causes software developers to test for many different cases" (Hummel). When discovered, a bug is usualy fixed with the next revision of the chip. A bug that is never fixed becomes a documented incompatibility.