Pre-Pentium bugs:

Robert L. Hummel, PC Magazine Programmer's Technical Reference: The Processor and Coprocessor.
Ziff-Davis Press, Emerywille, CA. 1992
A book on the Intel pre-pentium family which includes an extensive chapter on Intel pre-prentium bugs. It is a very useful source for my pre-pentium bug research.

Pentium FDIV bug:

Tom R. Halfhill, The Truth Behind the Pentium Bug.
Byte, March 1995.
An extensive report on the Pentium FDIV bug. It is an easy to understand article with lots of important information on the bug. A valuable source for my research.

Intel: Statistical Analysis of Floating Point Flaw in the Pentium(TM) Processor (1994)
A white paper on the Pentium FDIV bug by Intel. Includes important information on the bug presented by Intel. Leads to information on Intel's replacement policy.

Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug

Collins, Robert: The Intel Secrets Page
A page by the person who has reported most of Intel's bugs. It has many interesting topics including articles, news, Intel's data sheets, and most importantly, Intel processors' bugs. A good source for finding about Intel's bugs and for anybody interested in Intel and anti-Intel information that can not be found on Inte's page. Useful for my reasearch mainly because of the information on Intel's bugs.

MicroDesign Resources: Pentium II FPU Bug Appears Minor
A report on the Pentium II FPU bug with short explanation of the behavior and Intel's solution to the problem. Useful for anybody interested in the Pentium II FPU bug. Useful for my research because of the information it provides on the FPU bug.

Collins, Robert: Pentium II Math Bug?
Again a page by the person who reports most of Pentium's bugs. This page has detailed description of the so called Dan-0411 bug. A great source on Pentium II's bug and it is good for anybody interested in this bug. It would be a big contribution to my research.

Intel: Flag Erratum Technical Description
Intel's technical description of the Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug. A very good source for my research on the FPU bug. Includes the actual vs. the expected response of the processor affected by the bug. Details emerge on Pentium Pro bug
A summary report on the Pentium II and Pentium Pro FPU bug. Includes some links related to the issue. Easy to read and understand. A good start up point.

Pentium MMX bug: Pentium bug surfaces
also The Net reacts to Pentium bug
Articles on the newest Pentium bug. The only articles for my Pentium MMX bug summary. This is a *very* new bug, so Intel hasn't cought up with it yet.

Other potential resources:
I have not gone through these sources and they are not included in my paper, but they could be useful sources regarding this topic.

Dvorak, John C. Clucker-caliber CPUs (Intel Microprocessors include bug-fix feature)
PC Magazine, v16, n17, p87.
October 7, 1997.

Mathisen, Terje. Solving the Pentium FDIV problem.
Windows-DOS Developer's Journal, v6, n8, p39.
August, 1995.

Gwennap, Linley. Intel releases Pentium errata list; most known bugs fixed in latest "C2" steppings.
Microprocessor Report, v9, n3, p15.
March 6, 1995

Collins, Robert. Inside the Pentium II math bug - Dan-0411 rocks the industry.
Dr.Dobb's Journal, v22, n8, p52.
August 1, 1997