CS256—Advanced Programming—Spring 2014

Syllabus (postscript) (pdf) My Schedule

Hours (D225) Tuesday 2:30–4:00, Friday &1:00–2:30
Tutoring hours (in ACL): Tuesday 7–10pm, Thursday 8–10pm and Sunday 7 - 9pm These are subject to change depending on whether students are showing up
Hoang:Tuesday 7–10
Michael:Thursday 8–10
Henrish:Sunday 7–9

Class directory

All of the files in this web are also available in the class directory on quark: ~jrogers/cs256/ These are distributed among sub-directories, so you will need to look around with cd and ls.


Chapters Read by Quiz?
Ch. 1.1 Fri. 17/JanYes Scan of Ch 1.1 (6.5MB)
Ch. 2.1–2.3 Wed 22/JanYes Scan of Ch 2.1–2.3 (12MB)
These scans are quite large. You are better off just viewing them from the class directory without copying them.
Ch. 2.4–2.5 Wed 29/JanYes
Ch. 3.1 Mon 10/FebNo
Exam 1 Wed–Fri, 12–14 Feb
Ch. 3.2–3.4 Mon 24/FebYes
Ch. 4.1–4.2 Fri 28/FebYes
Ch. 4.3–4.4 Mon 10/MarYes
Ch. 5.1 Fri 28/MarYes
Ch. 5.2–5.3 Mon 31/MarYes
Exam 2 Mon 31/Mar–Wed–2/Apr
Rest of reading in the schedule below

Schedule (rest of semester)

Date Reading Out Due Quizzes Labs Notes
Mon 24/Mar Lab8
Wed 26/Mar Lab7 Lab8
Fri 28/Mar Ch. 5.1 Asgn5
Asgn4 Q7
Mon 31/Mar Ch. 5.2–5.3 Lab9 Lab8 (Initial) Q8
Wed 2/Apr Lab8 Lab9 Lab8 due date has been moved back
I will be leaving for NCUR immediately after lab
Fri 4/Apr Work on Asgn5 and/or Lab9 in class
I will be at NCUR
Mon 7/Apr Exam 2
Exam 2 has been moved back one week
Tue 8/Apr If you want to propose your own idea for a project, you must have my approval by 4:00
Wed 9/Apr Lab9
Lab 10 has been moved back one week
Thur 10/Apr Exam 2 Due by 4:00. Submit in envelope in Dept (Bobbi's) office. Have Bobbi initial the envelope when you submit it.
Fri 11/Apr Project approval Ch. 6 reading has been moved back three class days.
Mon 14/Apr Ch. 6.1–6.2 Lab10 Asgn5 Q9 Assign 5 due date has been moved back one class day.
Wed 16/Apr Lab9 Lab10
Fri 18/Apr Project description
Mon 21/Apr Ch. 7.1–7.3 Lab11 Q10
Wed 23/Apr Ch. 7.2 No Lab11
Fri 25/Apr Ch. 8.1–8.3 Progress Report
Mon 28/Apr Ch. 9.1 Lab12
Wed 30/Apr Q12 Lab12 Quiz 12, on Ch. 9.1, has been delayed one day.
Thur 1/May
Extended hours: 1:00–4:00
Fri 2/May Exam 3 Progress Report
Mon 5/May Extended hours: 12:00&ndasg;3:00
Wed 7/May Exam 3





Supplimentary Material

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