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For Immediate Release] Date: 2/19/98
Contact: Joshua Tulecke Paulson (765) 973-2885
Address: Earlham College Drawer 1228, Richmond IN 47374
Albright Meets Opposition To Murdering Iraqi Children
Who: Hundreds of concerned citizens of all ages and from all over the region.

What: At the internationally televised "town staged meeting" there was a show of the lack of support and the division of the views of the American people over the proposal to bomb Iraq.

When: the event occurred on wed the 18th between 2:00 and 3:30.

Where: It happened in Columbus on the Ohio State University campus in the St. Johns Arena, where basketball games are played.

Many concerned citizens went to Columbus to express their opposition to the threat of bombing Iraq directly to Albright. They expected to be heard. Many feel that there should be no war with Iraq, and Albright's responses lead us to believe that she was not hearing what many people there came to tell her. Many people don't think that it is right to kill innocent families anywhere. There were chants like "1234 we don't want your racist war". There were people who smuggled banners and signs into the arena. This was because the majority of the people was not given the opportunity to even be part of a selection process to ask questions. Most people, and a majority of the peace demonstrators, were given white tickets. We were informed that with a white ticket you were not allowed to ask any questions. Only people with purple tickets were allowed to address questions to the members of the cabinet. Joshua Tulecke Paulson was arrested because a sign which read "Stop killing innocent Iraqi families" was discovered under his chair and he did not leave fast enough for the angry and irrational security officer. The officer became irrational when Paulson asked to get his coat since it was cold outside. When Paulson reached for his coat, the security guard grabbed his neck and inflicted a pain hold on his lower jaw, and charged him with trespassing in the town meeting. Paulson had white ticket just like everyone else. To learn more about the efforts to prevent war, contact Joshua Tulecke Paulson, (765) 973-2885