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Members of many campus organizations have been working together to transform the old bank space in the basement of Runyan center into a gathering space space for campus organizations, where any member of the community can come and find out what is going on in various social action movements today.

We need donations of periodicals and books as well as information about journals / zines / other underground information sources. Everyone is encouraged to get involved. Check out our links page for a link to the Community Action Center page.


We are in the process of starting an activist newsletter. It is be called The Forth World.

As members of Earlham's activist community we are all in the process of further increasing communications between different campus groups and thereby allowing each of our groups to gain a larger collective presence on campus. Therefore I hope you will encourage your organization to support the proposal of an all campus social action newsletter. The purpose of such a newsletter is to combine our groups efforts to educate the Earlham community about issues of social concern, and to increase the visibility and vitality of activism on our campus.

Everyone has grown up in a paradigm of three worlds. Everybody knows the story, about how the First World is so 'democratic' and sunny, while the Second is totalitarian and gloomy. The Third World, in this paradigm, is terribly impoverished and exploited by the first two.

Fourth World activist newsletter is entitled so, because we envision a Fourth World. In this vision, the paradigm of the three worlds is subverted and transcended. The Fourth World represents a world of an entirely new creation, free from all binding aspects of our current paradigm.

We need people to write articles and poems and book or music reviews. Anything that you can contribute will help make The Forth World Happen. Without your support, more issues of this magazine will not happen. If you are to busy yourself, find someone in your organization and make sure that the issues that you are working on get some attention.

For more information on the Forth World, to submit a contribution or to request a copy, talk to Mike Oles at peace house or e-mail him at

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