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Megan's Links

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AAron's suggested links
Democratic Socialists of America Youth Page

Public Interest Research Groups

Guide to Consensus

College Democrats

Pacifica News

University of Toronto Anti-Cuts

Student Activism Stories from Canada

SDS Port Huron Statement.

DTI Website

Similar organizations on other colleges :
Earlham College Links: Big Mountain Support Links

S Dineh Nation


For more information on Shell's environmental
and human rights abuses in Nigeria, try:

  • Essetial Action

  • Ogoni Fact Sheet
  • Nigerian Paper

  • Greenpeace

  • Africa Policy Information Center

  • Amnesty International

  • Amnesty International report on Nigeria

  • Association of Concerned Africa Scholars

  • The Sierra Club

    For Information on Iraq and peace issues try these links.
    Iraq Crisis Anti-War Home Page

    Dayton Peace Action

    Oman Republic

    Oman Observer

    Oman Times

    Arabic News

    Syrian Times

    Arabia On Line

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