The LART manual page.

Written by Tim Bandy <>
lart - Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool - use a lart to adjust lusers' attitudes

lart [ -use tool ] [ -bBfFgklp ] <lusername>

lart adjusts the attitudes of those pesky, clueless people who rely upon their admins for everything from picking their mice off of the floor to turning on their monitors; namely, the luser(8). Running lart with the appropriate arguments will cause the specified luser to run away screaming in agony. Alternatively, you can make the luser buy you a beer, after killing all of their processes.

-use tool
Choose your weapon. If this option is not specified, the enviroment variable LART is used. If neither is set, a default value will be used, which is set at compile time

Used to increase the size of your lart

The BOFH option. Removes a users files and kills all their processes. If used in con- junction with -p this will also cause syslog to make entries proving that <lusername> was the second gunman behind the grassy knoll

Only fake luser's attitude readjustment ses- sion. Provided primarily for testing pur- poses. Mutually exclusive with -B

fsck <lusername> as a raw device. Note that this option has not been tested, as it is rather difficult to find volunteers

Graphic violence. Uses curses to monitor <lusername> during the beating.

Kill. A rather permanent option, and as such is not highly recommended. Can only be invoked once per <lusername>

See -B

sysadmin(1), guru(8), luser(8)

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