Tim's Rudimentary
Treadle Reducer

I'm busy. We have 4 kids, all still at home. I teach at Earlham College, a wonderful Quaker college of about 1200 students in east central Indiana. Earlham takes teaching and community very seriously, and most of us work with way more commitment than is reasonable. I also am active at St Paul Orthodox Church, whose web site is run by my kids. I'm also trying to do some mathematics, keep active after some medical issues, and spend reflective time doing inner work. The result of all this is that while I've had lots of fun working on the Treadle Reducer, the amount of time I have to fix its deficiencies is limited.

Do, please, write me with comments anyway. I'll try to fix what I can, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has been helped by the Treadle Reducer. A picture of something I helped you to weave would really make my week.

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Tim McLarnan,
Tremewan Professor of Mathematics
Earlham College,
Richmond, IN 47374 USA

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Page last updated: August 28, 2008