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I'm not a weaver. I'm a mathematician. I got involved in thinking about this problem by talking to a colleague who has a friend who is a weaver. To me, it was an interesting problem in computational discrete mathematics, and I liked the idea of helping weavers, though I confess that at the beginning of the project I had never seen a loom nor paid any attention to any piece of fiber art, nor did I even know what sort of things weavers made. Since then, I've visited weaving classes, seen some looms, looked at some fabric, and talked to some people, and glanced at some books, but that's about it. It is therefore more than possible that there are places on this site that look confusing to weavers, even though I've tried to learn to speak your language. I hope very much that if you have suggestions on the language and layout, or on the functionality, you will take the time to write me. Try to be gentle and polite, remembering that I'm trying to learn and to offer a service to people doing something I think is interesting and beautiful, but which I do not understand very well.

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Tim McLarnan,
Tremewan Professor of Mathematics
Earlham College,
Richmond, IN 47374 USA

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