October 1, 1997 - New site on the web for Third Ear Music and Anastasia @

October 26, 1997 - ANASTASIA in concert at MedFilm Festival in Rome, Italy
MedFilm Festival is the Festival of Mediterranean cinema, and it is an United Nations initiative. This year will be the third edition of MedFilm Fest and it will take place in Rome from 18 - 26-th of October.
EUROMEDITERRANEAN SOCIOCULTURAL DEVELOPMENT FUND in collaboration with the organisms of the United Nations and the European Union, the cultural institutions of the Euro-Mediterranean Governments and the main environmental associations, carries out concrete activities in favor of the protection of the human rights, freedom of expression and the diffusion of the Mediterranean and European film and television heritage.
On the closing day of the festival, 26th October, ANASTASIA will make a live performance for all the visitors of the Festival.

May 12, 1998 - New album out.
Anastasia have released a new album, Nocturnal, sponsored by 'Alkaloid' a.d. Skopje. More about the album to be found here.

September 5, 1998 - ANASTASIA in concert in Lisbon, Portugal
Anastasia performed at the EXPO 98 in Lisbon, Portugal, on the Sony Plaza, as a part of the presentation of the Republic of Macedonia.

September 20, 1998 - ANASTASIA in Thessaloniki, Greece
Anastasia performed at the big GAIA festival in Thessaloniki, Greece.

October 1, 1998 - A concert in Skopje
Anastasia is to perform in its native town of Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia.

October 8, 1998 - ANASTASIA in concert in Ankara, Turkey

October 30, 1998 - ANASTASIA in concert in Belgrade, SR Yugoslavia
Anastasia is to perform at 'Sava center' in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.