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ANASTASIA in the Press

"As keepers of their cultural heritage, they interprete it in a contemporary key, thus their sound finding fertile soil in the new generations. A combination of rural and archaic paganism, refined Byzantine vocality, and sound of the hypercivilized world.
Evocative and timeless music, a modern sound of an ancient people. Epic and mythical power of sound, archaic and mysterious beauty".
Il Piccollo (7 July 1996)

"ANASTASIA on the soundtrack 'Before the Rain' create a mediative, melancholic, and beautiful musical process. Modern electronics and church choir merge together with traditional instruments such as the gaida, wooden flute, and drums.
A radically original band which in its music combines Byzantine church music, Macedonian ethnic rhytms, and modern rock".
POLITIKEN (18 October 1996)

"ANASTASIA have their own musical proposition. With elements that have to do with the Byzantine tradition, the Balkan music, and the modern rhytms, they have overcome the limits of the ethno music and have created a mixture of East and West. With the melodius sounds of a polyrhythmical magic that can be understood only by careful listening of their music".
ELEFTEROTIPIA (14 March 1996)

"Their combination of rural paganism and refined Byzantism reflects the two societies depicted in the film [Before the Rain]: The archaic, rustic countryside and the hyper-civilized city".
Le Journal du Dimanche
Frederique Lallouette

"the trio's music sounds strangely timeless and evocative. The play of intive sounds of traditional instruments such as kaval (flute) and gaida (a kind of Balkan bagpipe) stand well to the fore; the deep baritone of the vocalist recalls the Byzantine past of Eastern Orthodox church music".
Jonathan Bousfield

"A passionate soundtrack of ANASTASIA provides a powerful friving force in the film [Before the Rain]".
Deborah Young

"We are trying to develop an authentic musical language based on the influences we grew up with... We are not working with exhibits in an ethnological museum but with a living tradition."
"...it may seem strange analogy, but look at the case of the Beatles. When you listen to them, you hear England at once. When you listen to ANASTASIA we want you to hear Macedonia".
An interview for THE EUROPEAN